Why Lease

A fair lease means No Cash Down at Signing*, lower monthly payments, and more vehicles to choose from since your dollar goes further. And that's only the beginning.

What makes FairLease so different is that we provide financing directly to our customers, cutting out the middleman.

Why FairLease?

The FairLease Difference

Lease vs. Buy
For decades, when people wanted a new car, they went out and bought one. There were simply no other options. But that's all changing.

In recent years, auto leasing has quickly become an attractive alternative to the traditional purchase-and-finance approach. And with good reason.

According to the latest research, auto leasing can save you 40% to 50% over buying a similar vehicle. These days, nearly one out of every three new vehicle transactions are leases rather than traditional purchases.

Is leasing the right move for everyone? No, it's not. Is it the right move for you? We hope so. Let's dig deeper into the details so you can make the right choice.
No Down Payment Required At Signing
For many drivers, the biggest roadblock to vehicle ownership isn't making the monthly payments. It's coming up with a big chunk of money for a down payment.

At FairLease, we get rid of that hurdle. We require zero down payment and zero security deposit*.

So what do we expect when you sign your lease? Only your first regular monthly payment. And, in some cases, even that can be delayed up to 60 days.*
Lower Monthly Payments
We've already told you that leasing can be 40% to 50% cheaper than buying a vehicle. What does that mean for your monthly budget?

As of 2021, the average monthly car payment in the U.S. was about $560. Half of that comes to $280. And you're saving that much money month after month after month.

And remember, you've already saved a bundle on upfront costs. The result? You have a lot more cash in your pocket for gas, groceries, and good times.
Flexible Mileage Limits
Many drivers who are not totally sold on leasing point to mileage concerns. In short, they cover a lot of ground every year and they're worried about exceeding lease terms.

At FairLease, we try to eliminate that worry as well. Many advertised leases limit motorists to 12,000 miles per year. But our leases typically start at 15,000 miles per year.

We can even can customize leases that allow you to go 30,000 miles per year - and still save money over buying your vehicle.
No Depreciation Risk
Depreciation happens when things lose value over time, and vehicles are a prime example. When you buy a car, truck or SUV, you begin making monthly payments. Often times, at some point your vehicle will become worth less than the amount you still owe on it.

One option is to keep driving - and paying for - a vehicle you no longer want and that no longer fits your needs. Another option is to trade in your current car, truck and SUV and take a financial loss due to built up negative equity on your auto loan.

With auto leasing, there is no depreciation risk. And that means no financial risk. At the end of your lease, you simply turn in the car and get something new. What happens to the older vehicle after that is someone else's concern. How's that for peace of mind?
Enjoy New Vehicles More Often
Auto leasing also comes with a built-in "fun factor." When you're ready for a change, upgrade to a new make and model.

Here's what we mean: Because lease payments are lower than loan payments, you can afford to get more car for the money. A sportier sports car. A roomier SUV. A pickup loaded with all the extras.

Second, because there's no down payment to save up for and no long-term loan to pay off, you can afford to get a new vehicle more often. You can upgrade as your family grows bigger or simply enjoy advances in electronics, engineering, performance and comfort.

Lease vs. Buy

Comparing a leased Honda Accord versus buying it at the exact same price, the lease is 45% less than purchasing the car over a 36 month term.

View of the new 2022 honda crv hood from the front passenger side angle.
36 Months $901 $514 $387
48 Months $689 $472 $217
60 Months $562 $439 $123

What Our Members

Are Saying


Just wanted to share our great experience with FairLease. They immediately found us the truck we wanted! This is our second vehicle with FairLease because we love the great customer care we received. We always tell our friends and family when they ask where we got our truck and we tell them about our great experience!


FairLease gets a thumbs up from Billy and we couldn’t be happier! Billy and his wife were looking for something a little different in today’s world of bells and whistles – manual windows – yet still wanted style and nice features. Their personal FairLease consultant went to work and within 24-hours found them the perfect new Nissan Versa S Plus!


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We had a great experience leasing a Nissan Rogue for our daughter on her 16th birthday. FairLease handled all the paperwork and then delivered the car to our home with a giant red bow. Our daughter has not stopped smiling since. This is our second leased vehicle with FairLease, and we could not have been easier both times.


Noel and Nancy prefer leasing a car to buying it outright because, in Noel’s own words, “You don’t even really own the car until you make the last payment - and by then you want a new car!” When we asked him how the experience with FairLease was, he said, “I’ve always thought it a real hassle to buy a car. The salesman is constantly showing you this and that, and then you’re negotiating what you’ll get on your trade in and… it’s a hassle. But with FairLease - the best way to describe it is ‘a piece of cake.’ It’s wonderful.”


We had a "Great Experience" working with FairLease on picking out the right Honda Pilot for our family. Our consultant was available at all times to answer our questions. His delivery time was fast and easy on our 2nd FairLease vehicle. Thank you FairLease for all you have done for our family.

How FairLease Makes Car Leasing Easy

You're In Charge

At FairLease, we believe a fair deal means giving you the information and the power to make the right choices, both about the car and the financing of that car. No tricks. No fuzzy math. No shenanigans. If you dread what we call "showroom combat," you'll be pleasantly surprised by your experience with us. We don't want you to settle for a car you won't end up enjoying over the long term. Our job is to make sure you make the right choices so you can be 100% satisfied with your shopping experience. Not just today, but years from now.

For these reasons, FairLease is truly atypical in the auto leasing business. We’re not out to make a buck at any cost. FairLease is a credit union owned company and follows a credit union philosophy of serving people, meeting their needs and providing the best product at a reasonable price. And that's a big difference.

How It Works At the Dealership

The Salespeople

Before you walk into a dealership, you should remember one thing first and foremost. The salespeople you're about to meet work on 100% commission. To put food on their table, they'll say or do anything to get you to agree to a deal. They have a very personal stake in getting as much from you as they can.

One of the first things they'll try to determine is whether you're a sure thing. They may ask you outright if you want to make a deal that day. They'll likely ask for your credit information before you even talk specifics. They do both of these to see if you're anxious to speed the process along. If you are, they know they can push harder and probably charge you more. And, if you let them, they will.

The Inventory Push

After that, they'll hone in on which car on their lot they can get you to agree to. It doesn't matter whether it's the right color or has the options you want. They just want to make the sale and move on. Even though they could swap cars with another dealer to get the car you really want, they'll resist at every turn because they're not interested in serving you. They're interested in selling you their inventory as fast as possible.

The Negotiations

If you do agree on a car, it's time for the numbers. When it comes to car negotiations, they know most people just want to know how much their monthly payments will be. If they can get you to agree to a payment that sounds low, they can shuffle money and get tricky with the math, "saving" you money in one area but charging you for it someplace else. Classic tricks include giving you too little for your trade-in, jacking up your down payment or extending the payment term way into the future. At a place like this, if you hope to get your best deal, you'll need to negotiate separately three times over - once for the purchase price, once for your trade-in (if you have one) and the third for the terms of your financing. Plus, you'll need to force each issue every step of the way. If you make it through all that, you'll have your new car.

Get Started with a Lease Consultant Today.

* With approved credit. No amount due at signing. No security deposit required. Interest will accrue during the deferment period. Subject to credit approval.