How It Works


Step One


As part of our consultation, we’ll work to determine whether leasing is a good idea for you and the car you’re interested in. If not, we’ll be frank about it. This is an important point. Most car dealers won’t spend the time to learn this. They just want you to sign a contract for any car on their lot regardless of whether it’s in your best interest. Not at FairLease. We even have our contracts available to review as part of your consultation.

As we start to identify the car for you, we’ll talk about making it happen one step at a time. We’ll make certain you get our lowest, no-haggle price, we’ll work to get you the highest value for your trade-in (if you have one) and we’ll work with you to define the right term and payments. Every step is built into our process. It’s how you get the best deal.


Step Two

The Vehicle

If you already know which vehicle you're looking for, that’s great! If not, your FairLease consultant will talk with you to learn your needs and priorities for an automobile. We'll ask you questions about your lifestyle and driving habits and share the latest news on what's available. The more we learn about you, the more we can help you choose the car that's right for you. We can even coordinate with local dealerships so you can stop by and test drive however many vehicles you want before you make your final decision.


Step Three

The Dollars & Cents

Because FairLease provides financing directly, you can think of us as your lender too. No other leasing company can say this! That’s why our monthly payments are so low.

And speaking of money, nobody likes people digging through their credit history. At FairLease, we don’t pull credit reports until we absolutely need to. If you give us the best estimate of your credit score, we’ll use that to provide a rough quote for your monthly payments. That way, you’ll be as informed as you can be, both about the car and about the cost - without disclosing more than you’re ready for.


Step Four


Yes, you read that correctly! Once your new lease details and vehicle are squared away, FairLease will deliver your new car, truck, or SUV to you - completely free of charge! Simply tell us if you want it delivered to your home or office, and we'll be there.

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