At FairLease, our team of consultants work to ensure you get a fair deal at a fair price. Our happy customers do more to “sell” FairLease than we could ever do. So don’t take it from us. Take it from them:

image of FairLease customer with newly leased Toyota Tundra
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Jason's New Tundra

What a great experience I had with FairLease. They listened to what I was looking for in a new truck and the payment I wanted to have. They answered all of my questions and were very thorough in their responses. I contacted them late on a Monday afternoon and by the next morning, my agent had options for me. He even set up a test drive for the truck I wound up leasing! The process was fast and super easy; no pressure, no haggle, no long hours at a dealership, and best of all, we did everything by phone and electronic communication! He even took care of coordinating a few options I wanted added. This was the best new vehicle experience I've ever had!!! It was such a great experience, my wife leased a new car from FairLease within a few days of me getting my truck! Again, highly recommend FairLease. Give them a call; you will NOT be disappointed.

image of K Johnson with new G80 from FairLease
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K. Johnson's Perfect Genesis G80

Finding a 2019 G80 with the right colors and options my wife wanted was nearly impossible, believe me we tried. FairLease was able to locate one and have it delivered to us within a week.

image of Nancy's new Honda Pilot, delivered by FairLease
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Nancy's New Honda Pilot

We had a "Great Experience" working with FairLease on picking out the right Honda Pilot for our family. Our consultant was available at all times to answer our questions. His delivery time was fast and easy on our 2nd FairLease vehicle. Thank you FairLease for all you have done for our family.

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