Community Involvement

We support the Dallas-Fort Worth community.

For Our Community

At FairLease, we live to help people - whether that means getting someone the right payment on a new car or giving back to the community that’s treated us so well.

That’s why we created our Random Acts of Fairness program, where we hit the streets and treat strangers to free food and gifts – just because.

Our passion for helping others is also why we regularly volunteered for and contributed to several worthy organizations. In the future, we look forward to helping people (and non-people) even more!

What Our Members

Are Saying

Robin Cadena

After going back and forth on whether or not to lease again, John Tatum was able to make us a sweet deal we couldn’t pass up. We traded out of two vehicles and got one sweet ride! John worked late on a Friday night to get the deal done for us to be able to pick up on Saturday morning. He’s always so helpful and willing to go the extra mile to please his customers.


A great experience as always with FairLease! This time FairLease hit it out of the park with my new Jeep Wrangler Willys. The experience with FairLease was completely effortless and no stress at all.


After just one call to her personal FairLease consultant, Kim was on her way to falling in love with this beautiful, new Ford Expedition! After a test-drive set up by her consultant the very next day, Kim knew the Expedition was her dream SUV. As you can tell by the big smile on her face, the process was easy and painless. If you’re ready to start driving the car (or SUV) of your dreams at a monthly payment you can afford, call 1-800-NEW-LEASE, or chat with one of our consultants.


I LOOOOVE FairLease! I just signed contracts on my fifth car with them and I still cannot be any more thrilled and satisfied as I was with car #1. No more hassle and wasted time of wheeling and dealing with dealerships and test driving. They bring my new car to me and take the old one. It's amazing!!


FairLease went all the way to Louisiana to find the Camaro that met all of Wendy’s needs and wants. Wendy had this to say about her experience with FairLease: “It was just great. I figured out what kind of car I wanted and what features I wanted. There’s no stress or haggle. You tell them what you want, and they find exactly what you want - not what they have in stock.”

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