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Experience the FairLease difference.

No Cash Required
at Signing

FairLease requires ZERO down payment and ZERO security deposit, with approved credit. No cash required at signing means more money in your pocket for other things. You can even delay that first payment up to 60 days!*


Save 40–50%
Over Buying

Lease payments are typically 40 to 50% less on a lease than a loan. FairLease has great lease deals in Dallas and the entire DFW Metroplex. The average lease payment could be $150 less than a loan payment.


More Car
For the Money

Because lease payments are lower than loan payments, you can afford to get more car for the money. This allows you to have a new car more often, to upgrade when your needs change, and to take advantage of the newest safety and convenience features.

 Step One: Consultation

Our initial conversation starts off with the basics. We'll explain the details of car leasing and try to figure out whether it's the right approach for you. How much do you drive in general? How long - or rough - is your daily commute?

If it doesn't sound like leasing simply is your best option, we'll tell you flat out. This is an important point - because other car dealers aren't going to provide such honest advice. They just want you to sign a contract for any vehicle on their lot, regardless of whether it makes sense for you or not.

That's not the way we do business. We can even make our standard leasing contracts available for you to review.

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 Step Two: The Vehicle

At FairLease, we know that a vehicle is much more than a way to get from Point A to Point B. Chances are, you're looking for a car, truck or SUV that fits your lifestyle - or your sense of style.

If you already know which vehicle you're looking for, that’s great! If not, your FairLease consultant will take the time to understand your vehicle needs and which features are your top priorities.

The more we learn about you, the better advice we can offer. Our consultants can share the latest news on what vehicles might fit your needs. They can even coordinate with local dealerships so you can stop by for a test drive - or two or three - before making your final decision.

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 Step Three: Dollars & Delivery

What happens once you make your final decision? We’ll make certain you get our lowest, no-haggle price. We’ll work to get you the highest value for your trade-in vehicle - if you have one. We’ll help you choose a good lease term and payment schedule.

FairLease provides financing directly and as your lender, we choose to keep your monthly payments low. Also, we won’t pull your credit until we absolutely need to. To provide a rough quote for your monthly payments, all we need is your best estimate of your credit score.

After the lease details are squared away, we'll deliver your new car, truck, or SUV - completely free!


What Our Members

Are Saying


Stephen is so proud of his new Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker – and rightly so – this is one special car! It only took a few days for his personal FairLease consultant to locate this rare beauty and have it delivered to his office, located 3 hours from Dallas. Stephen “can’t wait to get this monster on the open road!” No matter what your definition of “special car” happens to be, FairLease can help with payments that are 40-50% less than buying. Call FairLease today to get the process started for you.


This is my first lease ever and I don't know how the end will be, all I know is that I love this Tacoma and the process was great and the people were very friendly and helpful.


We had a "Great Experience" working with FairLease on picking out the right Honda Pilot for our family. Our consultant was available at all times to answer our questions. His delivery time was fast and easy on our 2nd FairLease vehicle. Thank you FairLease for all you have done for our family.


What a great experience I had with FairLease. The process was fast and super easy; no pressure, no haggle, no long hours at a dealership, and best of all, we did everything by phone and electronic communication! He even took care of coordinating a few options I wanted added.  Again, highly recommend FairLease. Give them a call; you will NOT be disappointed.


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Judge has been a long time fan of FairLease. He appreciates how much better the car leasing experience is when FairLease is at the wheel. He says, “The worst thing you can do is walk into a car dealership and not know anybody. But when you call FairLease, you walk in and they treat you like royalty! It has been a great relationship. They have taken care of us like we’re family, and we spread the word wherever we can.”

Offer subject to vehicle availability; leases and rates subject to credit approval. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Additional terms and conditions apply. Terms of lease will vary. This is not a commitment to lease. FairLease is a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Union of Texas, membership required.
*Interest will accrue during the deferment period. Subject to credit approval.