New Car Builder

If you’re interested in a brand-new car, our online Car Builder tool is a handy way to research, configure and price your next vehicle option by option. If you’re serious about the vehicle you configure and want to talk details, or if you just want to ask a few questions, please email or call us at 972-818-FAIR. We’re here to make your shopping experience a breeze, so don’t worry about pressure tactics or sales games. Just the straight scoop from FairLease.

See Favorite Leased Vehicles

FairLease has the ability to lease just about every vehicle available. Unlike a dealership that has an auto lease available through only the manufacturers they sell, Fairlease has the advantage to provide you with a lease on hundreds of makes and models.

FairLease has multiple leasing plans to fit your driving style. Everyone one of our consultants will help you decide on the right car for you based on your needs and budget. We specialize in auto leasing programs and have the highest retention rate of any auto lease company in Dallas Ft Worth or the state of Texas. We have over 250 vehicles to choose from. These are just some of the more popular makes and models.