Unfair Tactics: Avoiding the bad deal

“What’s it gonna take to put you in a car today?”

Think about that classic expression for a minute. It says so much about the typical dealer. At first, it sounds like they’re trying to help you, like they’re ready to work with you, like they’re on your side and they want to get this difficult process out of your way. But if all that is true, why is dealing with them so difficult?

In reality, that expression gives away their actual motives. They want you to commit to a car today, and they want you to tell them about any obstacles they’ll face in making that sale. There’s nothing helpful in that question at all. It’s all about them. It’s all about today. It’s all about selling.

This example (and many others) is exactly the kind of tactic you should avoid in your leasing process. Keep reading. We’ll share more tips on avoiding the bad deal.

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How to avoid a bad deal on a car
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